Unique Value for the Merchants You Serve!

Hownd for Partners

As a reseller, integration, technology or marketing service provider, you’re on a mission to provide more power-packed value to the merchants you serve to strengthen your relationship with them. So are we.

You also want to partner with a trusted, proven provider who makes it a lot easier for you to add value.

You’re one of the reasons we created Hownd.™

Companies who become Hownd Trusted Partners benefit in some really meaningful ways:

As Hownd helps more merchants increase foot traffic and profitable revenue, their need for support from partners like you increases too. And who doesn’t want more opportunities to work with more merchants that are focused on growing their business? 

With Hownd, we’ve connected the dots between what consumers desire and what merchants need. Becoming a Hownd Trusted Partner creates a powerful a three-way relationship. Better together!

Here are some of the companies that are already Hownd Trusted Partners...

If you’d like to become a Hownd Trusted Partner, we’d love to get to know you. We also want to give you a chance to test-run Hownd for yourself risk-free before anyone else does.

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